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Conversations on the Coast

This publication presents a selection of 20 stories and photography of makers from around the coast of the British Isles, interviewed for the Slowcoast project.

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Included in the book:

Kay Anderson, Spinner
Bill Bontoft, Stickmaker
Austin Brown, Bicycle Mechanic
Will Brown, Outfitter
Merin Crossingham, Animator
Sheena Devitt, Stone Letter Carver
Martin Doyle, Flute Maker
Laurence Edwards, Sculptor
Douglas Grierson, Weaver
John Joseph Hanna, Hat Maker
Joanne B Kaar, Paper Maker
Paul F Kelly, Gold and Silversmith
Nigel Legee, Fisherman and Artist
Dominique Lieb, Letterpress Printer
Joanne Mitchell, Glass Maker
Kiera Rathbone, Typewriter Artist
John J Savage, Storyteller
Peter Segger, Organic Farmer
Pat Tanner, Boat Builder
Pip Weaser, Basket Maker